Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hmmm, nearly 3 years since my last post lol

So I'll just jump right back in.  Still married.  Still have 4 kids.  Still deliriously happy.... yada yada.

Funny Story:  Andy and I are with Nisha, the oldest child (now 19), at some Chinese buffet grabbing a bite for lunch.  Well, under the fancy glass table top is a paper Chinese astrology thing explaining all the animals and the year of birth connecting one to an animal.  I apparently am a Tiger.  Who knew.

So the blurb on it says something about what a dynamic personality I have and how much fun it is just to know me.  Last line says who the best love match is for a Tiger and sums it up with "Stay Away from the Monkey".

Naturally Nisha says, "Mama, what is my daddy?" 

Pause:  For those who may have forgotten the existence of my family in the last three years due to my criminal neglect of blogging, Nisha is a grand creation from a previous marriage. 

I say, "A Monkey."

Moral:  Not only should you research the genetic predisposition of your mate prior to marriage and the creation of new life, it would be prudent to also take a peek into your future at your nearest Chinese restaurant. 

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