Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monkey Boy Speaks from the Heart

A funny little scene... We were on our way home from Buffalo Wild Wings.  All six of us are comfortably piled in Andy's big ole truck.  Andy is driving with Monkey Boy next to him and then me in the front row; DD, Brainiac and Nisha are situated in the backseat. 

Monkey Boy, just as serious as he could be, starts the convo:

MB:  Dad, For some reason I really want to go to Party Galaxy.

Andy:  (confused) What for son?

MB:  (hand over his heart preparing to profess his undying love) The go-karts are in my heart to drive them.

*The girls and I exchange glances.  We all smile and try to hold in the giggles.*

MB:  I seriously need to drive.  It's in my soul!

After we finished cracking up at his super dramatic and very, very serious request to ride go-karts, we told him as kindly as we could that Party Galaxy was in fact as party supply store and he probably was thinking about Celebration Station.  

He's so awesome!  Love that kid!

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