Monday, May 4, 2009

Husband Meme

I jacked this from The Mom Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy who jacked it from Georgie at Decisionally Challenged (currently on hiatus, boooo!)

In an effort to try and keep this one short, I've included both mine and Andy's answers together. I emailed him at work and we answered them at the same time.

**Being that we aren't married YET, I've changed the term "husband" to reflect his name. (Don't be offended honey, because I know you stalk my blog during lunch at work, I can't wait to refer to you as my husband.)

1. What is something your husband Andy always says to you?
me: I love you
Andy: I love you

2. What makes your husband Andy happy?
Me: Spending time with the kids, camping, hunting, fishing, anything outdoors. And when we wrestle. That always makes him happy. And he's not afraid to cuddle afterward. Be jealous ladies. Be.Very.Jealous.
Andy: Spending time with family/outdoors

3. What makes your husband Andy sad?
Me: Duh! When I'm not happy. He's truly a worry wart. And I tend to make everyone else around me miserable when I'm not happy. It's a right that every woman gets, don't you think? We bleed like stuck pigs once a month and have to "plug" our innerds, push 10-lb watermelons from our loins and then get the pleasure of making sure their every need is taken care of for 18+ years. It's a God given right that we can make other people miserable!
Andy: when Denise is not happy

4. What was your husband Andy like as a teen?
Me: Pffft, his mama and baby sisters tell me what a whore he was, but I wasn't there. I'm sure he'll say he was athletic or really nice or something.
Andy: Way out going young man

5. How old is your husband Andy ?
Me: 33 - a year and a half younger than me. And he tells me about it on an almost daily basis.
Andy: 33

6. How tall is your husband Andy ?
Me: 6 foot, and he loves it that I have to look UP to him, even when I'm on my tippy-toes.
Andy: 6 foot

7. What is his favorite thing to do?
Me: All out-doorsy crap AND "wrestling". He loves to wrestle.
Andy: Hunting/fishing, playing softball

8. What does your hubby Andy do when you're not around?
Me: He's like a little lost puppy when I'm not there. Wandering around aimlessly, cleaning things, doing laundry... pffffffffffffft or has his head so far up ESPN that he doesn't even realize I'm gone.
Andy: wonders when Denise will get home/cleans

9. If your husband Andy becomes famous, what will it be for?
Me: He thinks he's funny, so I'm sure he's thinking comedian, but he'd really be famous for his cooking or sewing ability, like Martha Stewart, or being in some political office making laws and forcing people to obey him them.
Andy: Comic or business man

10. What is your husband Andy really good at?
Me: "Wrestling". That's code for um... you know... gettin' busy, doin the humpty dance, gettin your freak on, makin' whoopie, gettin' laid -- need I go on?
Andy: ask Denise she'll tell you :)

11. What is your husband Andy not very good at?
Me: Being nice to strangers/random bar people/people who touch him inadvertently. He also doesn't like doing things with friends. He's got this idea that most people are bad investments, therefore they cannot be friends. I'll have to ellaborate on that one later.
Andy: staying calm or quiet when I have had one too many

12. What does your husband Andy do for a job?
Me: Um, he does something for the State and gets a really nice check and really good benefits and just got a promo where he gets his own office to do something secretive and fight fraud and identity theft, I think. That's all I know.
Andy: State Job (I love how he gets all wordy and technical LOL)

13. What is your husband Andy's favorite food?
Me: Raw red meat. Steaks that are still moo'ing. Yuck!
Andy: Steak or Denise's spaghetti

14. What makes you proud of your husband Andy?
Me: He's a great father, role model, husband-to-be, great morals and values... just an all around fantastic guy!
Andy: The way I handle situations

15. If your husband Andy were a cartoon character, who would he be?
Me: He's my Superman. He's faster than a speeding bullet and ALWAYS there when I need him. He could lift a car with a pinky if it meant saving me or the kids from being hurt. Superman IS a cartoon character right? Ok, maybe a little like Papa Smurf too. He's got an old soul and always seems much more wise than most people I know, calm, secure, and people flock to him for advice... and actually listen to what he says.
Andy: Hercules there's nothing I can't handle


That Girl said...

you ALWAYS make me laugh. I'm going to try this one sometime soon. (I havent forgot about the 8thing tag you gave me....see? you forgot!)

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Awe. You guys are so cute. I love how he reminds you that you're older. My boyfriend is 4 years younger than me. He has learned NOT to remind me.. Lol!!

Baloney said...

That was cute. I'm not sure the Doc would be willling to do this!

Impulsive Addict said...

I love to wrestle or as people say it over here in hickville..."wrassle". LOL!

Bon Don said...

This is the cute effin post!!