Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bloggers and Cats, Go Figure!

Ok, so I'm sitting here, obviously avoiding work, and nosing my way through some blogs. I'm new to this and I feel like a short-bus rider (don't laugh, I actually rode one when I was a kid) with a brightly colored helmet labeled "Dunce" in big letters! The only thing that is missing is I'm not surrounded by a bunch of window lickers picking their noses.
I've subscribed to a few blogs today that I found interesting. The more I look around and read, the more I'm noticing almost every dang blogger has a cat! Are cat peeps more prone to creativity? Do cat lovers have a better way with words, or far more interesting lives than others? OF COURSE! It was like a ta-da moment for me.

I'm an animal lover, but in our current home (rental) we aren't doing the pet thing just yet. I'd rather wait until we move out to the sticks and when my dog chews the molding off the doorways or the cat pisses on the curtains, the owner will be me and I can't get in trouble for it lol. When Andy and I got together (almost a year ago YAY), he moved in with me a few short months later. I had two cats... Gino and his brother Elvis. A friend of mine had a mean ass cat who gave birth to a wonderful multi-colored litter. I couldn't handle just one cat (they tend to be quite mischevious alone) so I opted for two of them. Gino loved to be inside snuggled up next to me, while his brother was the late night whore type who would rather be out and about until dawn.
Well, when we were deciding to move, I knew I was going to lose my precious boys. Andy found them a great home (at least that's what he says) and I donated all of their condos and cat toys to Pets 4 People. I miss them, but I know (HA! at least in my own little head) that they are being taken care of and loved like their mama would!
Wow I side-tracked.
Anyway, the whole point was that I had some devine revelation about bloggers... they are cat people. Cats are quite inquisitive, creative, naughty, quiet (unless they are like Gino and screamed at me when he was hungry), moody, fiesty, playful, smart, self-contained little creatures... quite like a lot of bloggers.

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Missy said...

LMAO, I've noticed the same thing. I haven't had a pet in ages though I do like cats.