Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Old Desk Project

When we moved into this place, there was a giant fake tree, an old solid wood student desk and an antique sewing machine still left in the house. Being the collector of junk, I told Andy we wanted to keep that stuff and to tell the manager to just leave it for us. He did!

I thought the tree would go great as a semi-separator for the diningroom and livingroom. The livingroom is painted in a burnt orange color, pretty dark in there. Then the diningroom is painted in this ridiculously bright green. It's like a lime color. I about had a hissy fit when we first moved in there about that color and immediately wanted to repaint it, but the more I thought about it (and consulted my sissy, the master decorator) the more I grew to like it. We decided to go with a Tuscany decor in both rooms. And let me tell ya, the lime green is PERFECT! I love it now. I'm still working on the livingroom, but the colors are there... I just need my sissy to come finish it for me lol. Anyway, the tree acts as a perfect semi-separator there and is very eye-catching.

I'm not sure what to do with the sewing maching yet so it's still sitting in the den/office/garage room lol. That's my favorite room in the house. It's like my own thinking tank.

The desk was going to be a project. The older girls decided they wanted it in their room, but refused to have it moved in there until it was not ugly. LOL, a teenager and a tween, go figure! So while Andy and I were at Lowe's getting all the stuff for the garden, we bought some stain, sandpaper and the gloss coat stuff. I opted for a mahogany stain. This is a kids room and I didn't want anything that would show stains and scuffs... plus the molding and a built-in shelf in their room was already this color. It doesn't match the color of the bunkbeds, but I figured they'd grow out of them soon enough.

Anyway... Andy, much to my suprise, has taken over this desk project and has made it his baby! He has already got it sanded down and the first coat of stain when on yesterday evening after he got home from work. The stain is gorgeous and the girls will really love it when it's finished. I wish I would have taken a picture of it prior to him starting so I could show off his hard work. I'll certainly get a pic when he's finished and showcase it for him lol. I had no idea he liked doing this kind of thing! I can't wait to find the next project for him (after he puts my garden beds together, paints them, rototills up the backyard and helps me get all the plants out there first of course) LMAO! I'm going to keep him a busy little worker bee this summer... I can already tell!

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