Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fantastic Fish!

The fish was mahhhhvelous! I didn't actually go to the grocery store alone, I took Andy with me, and we ended up spending $60 on that dinner. But... we got a pound and a half of shrimp and some Basa catfish as well. The kids loved the Basa, and weren't crazy about the tilapia. Andy loved it all. He even bragged to his friends at work about it! Instead of the rice I made a butter and garlic pasta and did the grilled veggies. Man o man! The veggies were super! I can really taste a difference when I use fresh garlic!

So, we'll see what he comes up with next. This is a silent competition, so I know he's not going to tell me what he's got up his sleeve. I just have to wait and see...

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