Friday, February 27, 2009

Gokey Girl!

This year American Idol has begun like all the others... I'm bored to tears with the auditions and I just want to see some real singing! I DVR the shows and I usually get to watch them later the night they aired or the next day.

So like usual, I loved Gokey's song! I think I love his spirit as much as his voice. This man just seems to be the all around perfect kind of guy. He's handsome, wholesome, hip, cool mannered and seems to be pretty sincere. I've heard a lot of crap about how he's trying to pull votes by using the death of his wife, and that just makes me wanna go out and punch people. Now look, if anyone on the show was a moron that would be bikini girl and the short-bus riding del Torro. Her laugh alone makes me pleased at the thought of fingernails on chalkboard. I hated her personality, but I thought the girl could sing.

Then there's Anoop. Poor guy. He's got a great voice, I just don't think America is going to embrace an East Indian pop artist. That's like the Asian rappers who try to desperately to get heard on Youtube in hopes of a break. I just don't see it... at least not yet. Gradually, I'm sure this country will get off its high horse of thinking the music world revolves around white folks and black folks, but until then, I don't see Anoop in this competition.

Can I just say THANK GOD Tatiana got booted. The girl was a drama queen from day one... attention seeking, self-absorbed DRAMA QUEEN! Good God girl, take a break from the mirror and fix what's inside! Her voice was perty though, I'll give her that.

I'm glad and not surprised at all that Adam made it this week. He's a great one that will make it to the very end. He's a hot rocker type with an amazing voice and range. His drama background helps him a lot. I like his expressions when he sings! I think he and Gokey will definitely go toe-to-toe. They are my two faves so far.

In other years of this show I've favored the ladies a bit more than the men, but this year is different. I'm not that impressed with the ladies, but the guys...woah, what a competition this is going to be!

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