Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School Night, UGH!

School tonight, and although I feel like a student again after Xmas break, I really don't want to go to class tonight. I don't feel good. I'm such a whiney baby when I'm sick too. Poor Andy and Nish... they are the ones that have to deal with me lol.

For the last two days my neck has been sore and today it moved to my throat. I have the cooties! I'm not sure if this is swollen glands or what, but I've got some antibiotics called in for me and I'll start those tonight. I look pasty white and almost dead. It's almost like my face gets a few more pre-wrinkles (I'm only 35, I'm NOT admitting to full blown wrinkles just yet) when I'm not up to par. Like because I'm laying on the couch, dying and having a pity party for myself, my body thinks I'm aging at some marathon speed and proceeds to pre-wrinkle me.

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I could work alone in the class, but we are in groups for this particular class. Now I'm going to risk giving my other team members the cooties too (and we are self proclaimed "The Happy Group"). Great. I'm sure they'll be thrilled about that. I would skip tonight, but I skipped the first night of this class and you can only have one absence per class and repeat the class at full price. At $4K a semester, I'm not repeating ANY classes! Four hours of Discrete Math tonight and then I'm going straight to bed. Ugh!

I'm leaving dinner plans up to Andy and Nish... I say it's a fish-something-out-of-the-fridge-yourself night. I can't even open my mouth wide enough right now to shovel food in there. I'm hydrating myself with Pepsi, and keeping the pain low with handfuls of ibuprofen. I'm sure that's a perfect balance for boosting my immune system to kick this bug. I think it's moving to my ear now... as I type... there's some odd sensation going on my my left ear, like a fullness or something. I'm falling apart!

It's almost 5 and I've got to be ready to go in 30 minutes. Andy is taking me to class tonight and delivering our entertainment center we no longer want to his ex-wife (see what a wonderful person I am, giving my furniture to the ex) so he'll need the truck. All the better for me... I don't have to drive with medicine-head feeling.

So I'm going now.


As soon as I can pry my big arse out of this chair...

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