Thursday, February 26, 2009

School Lunches

So I'm reading a forum I post in regularly and they have a daily debate. Today the question was:

No Free Lunch. Schools get tough on deadbeats...

At a time of recession and we just keep giving millions and billions to banks dont you think we can give children a free lunch!!! I dont know, but in the end we need to recognize that some families hard as they try need help. I am glad that some schools actually put something in place, but is it enough? thoughts??

Well... here's what I had to say about that!

I think it's fine. What's wrong with a damn cheese sandwich? Spoiled kids and lazy parents. If you can't afford to feed your kids, perhaps you should stop creating them!

First of all, it costs about 5 bucks to get some PB&J sammiches in a bag for the kids that will last more than a week! You can get a big a$$ bag of chips and put that in baggies. Parents just aren't doing it. Parents again are relying on someone/something else to provide for their children.

I'm all for the reduced/free lunch programs, and they aren't that hard to qualify for. So what if you are waiting a week and actually have to PROVIDE your child with food while they process the application. Good GOD people! Talk about a spoiled nation!

My oldest kid was on disability until I just got tired of the red tape crap and the "gubment" constantly in my business, and she qualified for free lunch regardless of my income. That was nice. It was a blessing. But c'mon, if I have to put back the Doritos and crablegs at the grocery store for me so that I can afford some lunch meat for my kid then sobeit. Hell, half the folks who qualify for free/reduced lunch are on food stamps in the first place. Buy your kid some bologna for Pete's sake!

I know there are people struggling to feed their families, I'm not doubting that. I'm saying what's wrong with the school systems EXPECTING the parents to provide a flippin meal for their kids at school for a week or so while the paperwork is filled out. And let me say another thing... these forms are available when the office at the school is open PRIOR to the beginning of the school year. There is absolutely NO excuse for a child going hungry at school. And they ARENT going hungry. They are provided with food. They may not like it, but they get something to eat.

Oh -- and for those families who are struggling... swallow your pride and try going to a local food closet or church to get some staples. Try contacting your local DHS and getting a Community Resource Sheet that lists all the available places in your area to get some food, laundry soap, toothbrushes and even clothing. C'mon people, it's not a dead-end street here and it's not the responsiblity of the school to carry YOUR burden. These are YOUR children we are talking about.

I send my kid to school to learn... not to get some ala carte meal that the rich kids are eating and ends up costing $6 a day! I'll pay for that $3.40 hot meal each day to ensure my kid is getting a balanced meal while she's not under my supervision. Just wait til they get to high school and it's not cool to eat the "hot meal" everyday and the kid refuses to eat it. Then you've got to pay that ala carte price! Enjoy the tiny price to feed the kids while you can!

Ugh, sorry for ranting, it just burns me up how lazy people can be and how folks sometimes lay their crap on someone else's porch to figure out. Feed your own damn kids!

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