Thursday, February 19, 2009

He's All Good!

Well, yesterday certainly was a "fiascal". We went to the southside imaging center for this angiogram and they ended up sending us to the northside heart hospital b/c the machine apparently broke just before he went in. He'd been NPO since 9pm the night before and it certainly wasn't good news, but we felt more comfortable knowing that if there were something wrong, they were at the location that could fix it all.

So they get him in a gown, shave his netherland region, open up the Hep-lock and get ready to take him back. We got to see him only for a minute or so before they took him back. So we hugged and said I love you as they wheeled him out of the room on the gourney. I could tell he was pretty anxious, but they were going to give him a sedative to help him relax. They told us it would take about an hour and we would hear from the doctor. It wasn't even an hour before they wheeled him back in there. The doc came in shortly after and said everything looked great. What a relief! I didn't really think anything was wrong in the first place, but hearing the news from the doctor erased any doubt any of us might have had.

Yay! He's got a clean bill of health and now we don't have to revisit this scene until the next year for the routine stress echo.

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