Thursday, February 19, 2009

Discrete Math?

What's so discrete about math? I don't get it! I don't want to take this class, I have no interest in learning about Euler or Hamilton algorithms, and I feel like a doof in a remedial class.

I didn't go to last weeks class (and it was the first one in this class) b/c our whole family was infected with some horrid tummy virus. Good thing we have two bathrooms! It was so bad I had Andy call Erin and tell her we were sick and she shouldn't bring the babies. They had it a few days prior to us and I just didn't want to reinfect them. The baby was having a hard time getting over it as it was!

During Andy's doctor fiascal yesterday and an hour or so at home of working on homework I still wasn't prepared for class. I hate that I missed the first class, b/c you get so much information about how the next 4 weeks will be, and I knew I'd walk in there lost. Plus I didn't have all of my makeup work done. At least what I thought was my makeup work... It was just an intimidating feeling. And of course I didn't know where the flippin class was either. I'm on my way to school and realize I have no clue where I'm supposed to go. So I've got my bookbag in one hand and my faithful 44oz Pepsi in the other, trecking through the halls of one building for about 10 minutes until I ran into a lady from financial aid who told me where to go. Ok... now I've got to walk into the class unprepared AND late! Ugh!

I get in the room and the professor seems pretty cool. He doesn't make a scene as I meander in and take a seat. I'm getting my books out and following him during the lecture. Then he seats me with another group of 3 folks to work in their group. Lucky for me, they are very pleasant and accepting folks. They all seemed to know each other outside of school, so of course I'm the outsider, but they pulled me right in, explained how things work and we got busy. I felt like a big dummy at first, but I found my place and worked right along side them. It turned out to be a good night. I caught on pretty quickly, but I was still worried about getting big fat zero's on my missing assignments.

After class I went and talked to the professor, and much to my surprise, he cleared everything up for me, gave me the missing assignments and even told me I had 2 weeks to turn in that work. Woo hoo! I don't need that much time, but he was very forgiving for my absence and I totally appreciated that.

Two of the girls in my group are in the same program as me actually, and they walk in May. Congrats to them! They gave me some much needed information and encouragement actually about the program. I enrolled in this program alone and I don't have any friends that go to this school. C'mon, I'm 35 and still trying to get my degree! LOL! It's not like I have a lot of friends in my situation. They either are working and don't want a degree, or they are working and already have their degrees. I never did do things the easy way!

Anyway, last night kind of gave me the boost I needed to be excited about school again. With x-mas break (the tiny one we had) and then missing a couple classes as of late, I couldn't find my mo-jo to get back in the swing of things and learn some crap. Last night changed my attitude and now I'm ready! Only 3 weeks left of this class and then I'm off to the Holocaust class. As interested as I am to learn about this subject, the syllabus is VERY intimidating. I guess we'll see how that one plays out soon enough!

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