Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The End of the Sopranos

So last night we finally finished watching the entire set of The Sopranos. Andy has already seen it of course, and this all started out simple. He introduced me to the big gangster movies when we first got together and I loved them. So he thought I might like The Sopranos. I was addicted half-way through the first season. Lately, I've tried to space them out a bit because I knew we were coming to the end.

Last night we watched the final disc and I'd like to say... I FEEL ROBBED!

When you have an open ending, the kind where you have to guess what happened, it just leaves you feeling empty. Now when I'm in the theatre or watching a flick on DVD that ends abruptly leaving you with many questions... I'm ok because I've only invested an hour and a half. But when you are six seasons deep, invested countless hours to these people and their lives... and you are left with a NON-ending like this... it's PAINFUL and DECEITFUL and ROBBING! GRRRR! I feel like I know these people. I've been in their home for six seasons worth of viewing! I've been to work with them, in their bedrooms, watched them murder and go to a billion funerals. I've watched Uncle Junior come to his mental demise. I've wanted to punch Janice in the face for being such a dip-wad. I've been there everytime Tony was in therapy, pouring his heart out without saying too much. I was there when Ade was killed (on her way to see Christopher in the hospital down a long, winding road in the middle of the woods lol). I was there when AJ tried to kill himself and when Meadow decided to pursue law instead of medicine. I was there DAMMIT when Carm almost got busy with "the Father" and then got jealous because one of her whore friends was acting the same way! I was right next to Paulie when he almost met his demise on the boat with Tony before they headed back home.


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