Sunday, March 29, 2009


So I ran across the blog... Mama's Losin It (one day I swear I'm going to figure out this linking thing in here) and she posts a writing exercise every Wednesday. I'm going to try this out. I'm not good at following directions, or following through... lol, so this might be my only week. I have, however, enjoyed reading the many responses... there are many, many talented folks out there with great stories!

Prompt 3: What are you putting off right now?

Homework. Need I say more? I should, since this is an exercise for writing huh?

I'm enrolled in a private Christian university to finally finish up my degree, a journey that I started 15 years ago mind you, and I'll be the first to say... some of their classes are really odd.

We have 5-week sessions, 5 sessions in a semester, and end up with 15 credits. Nice. We get to work on one class at a time, and although we are there for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT, it's really not that bad, being one night a week. The down side is the amount of reading required... especially if it's a subject you aren't thrilled about.

Current class: Intro to Holocaust.

Yeah, I'm a HUGE procrastinator and as I sit here "exercising my mind", I'm feeling guilt. Because I should be finishing up (I've got my first paragraph done dang it) my 5-7 page review on the book "Night" by Elie Weisel. I should also be reading the six articles and picking two of which to do my 1-page conversation starters on.

Blogging... homework... blogging... homework.

Blogging wins. Hands down.

But blogging wasn't how I started my day. Where in the hell did the day go? It's 5pm and I'm still not any further in my homework than when I got up at 9. What about Saturday? I have no idea where that day went either. I know I was hung over. But darts on Friday night was SO much fun. Not to mention my wonderful Andy brought home the bacon by taking 1st in the $500 tournament! Go baby go!

I have the attention span of a fly. I've neglected my cleaning duties that I generally save for the weekends, I haven't done a lick of homework and my fat arse is still sitting right here... in front of this PC.

talking to myself -->>I really don't have to do it today. I'm good at working on the fly... I've got until 6pm tomorrow before class to finish my paper and get my reading and other papers done. No biggy!<<--

Ok... I've talked myself into it. I'll grab the laptop Andy is currently playing virtual pool on and head to my room for some quiet and much needed homework devotion time...

...right after I read another 234897234 blogs

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