Friday, March 13, 2009

It's been a busy week in Okieland!

First, I've located my brother that I haven't seen in over 20 years! I have two siblings from my dad, an older sister and brother. I was just a kid when I last saw either one of them. I never really looked for either of them b/c I didn't want to get wrapped up in all the mess my dad created. I don't have very many good memories of that man, and it was just too much drama to deal with. I figured they'd turn out just like him and frankly, I didn't want any part of our dad. So the other day, I'm looking at Myspace and decide to look for my brother. After a days search, I found him and he looked good! I mean GOOD! He has my dad's eyes... but he seems normal. And productive. And happy. And away from all the drama and crap our dad instilled in our genes. And the best part is... he's only a few hours away from me! I can't wait to get to know him all over again!

This Wednesday was the last session for my Discrete Math class. I don't think I got an A, but I'm sure it's a high B. I missed a couple of assignments at the beginning of class and I think I got lazy and just didn't turn them in or something. It's totally my fault, but I'm ok with a B. Next class is Holocaust. Ugh. That syllabus is intimidating. I don't do well with oral presentations, and it seems like there is one every damn week in this class, not to mention an inordinate amount of reading. Grrr! On the bright side, it's only one night a week for five weeks. Surely I can make it through.

Andy and I went out Wednesday night after I got out of class. I got smashed lol. Michelle was there (first time she'd been back at this bar since the "incident") and we had a great time. We don't get to the bar much these days and it's a good thing! Man when I think about how much money we spent in the bar when we were throwing darts... it makes me sick. But that was back when I was stalking Andy and Patron was my right-hand-man. Oh... good times. I sure don't miss the hangovers though. Yesterday SUCKED big time.

On top of being hung over, Andy was sick. I guess the kids and I passed on our cold we had last week to him. Poor guy.

Then this morning, Friday the damn 13th, I guess Nisha thought it was "dress like a hood rat day" at school. She comes out of her room with some booty shorts on that are obviously way too little for her big butt and some leggings under them, thinking that if she wore leggings she could get away with it. Ba ha! That's not gonna work sister. Go change into some real clothes. So I guess she thinks she's slick. She comes back out of her room with a pair of jeans on, but I don't think she knew that I knew she still had on her leggings under the jeans. Which leads me to believe she's got those damn booty shorts in her bag. I just laughed and let her run with it. The folks at the school and I are very close, and they don't hesistate to call me if something stupid happens... I anticipate a phone call by 10 this morning lol. Hell, haven't we all done that? Changed our clothes or put on our "real" makeup after we got to school b/c our moms thought we should be little "Outhouse on the Prairie" type kids?

So then Erin calls and says she's going to be late with the girls b/c there is something wrong with her truck. No biggy. That gives me more time to wake up. Andy and Nish leave and I'm sitting here waiting on the babies, when Andy walks back through the door. He's still sick. My poor guy! I sent him back to bed. He sounds miserable, and apparently his boss told him not to bring his contaminated self up to the office to spread that crap around. So he gets a 4 day weekend. Nice! I love having him home anyway. He's a great snuggler.

Ok - time for me to go check on him, dope him up and curl up next to him for a bit. High of 35 today and my toes are freezing!

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