Thursday, March 5, 2009

I hate it when the kids are sick :(

Tuesday started like any other day... the babies I take care of during the day arrived, LOML headed to work taking Nish to school on his way and the day looked good. Nish comes home from her choir performance after school and looked like straight death. I doped her up and sent her to bed. The babies leave with their mama, LOML comes home from work, we go to the grocery store and then pass out.

The next morning the babies show up, I keep Nish home from school b/c she's running a fever and still in a coma. Doped her up again and sent her back to bed. Then by 10 o'clock Baby K starts running a fever. I text her mama, she arrives an hour later to take her to one of the "doc in a box" clinics around here where you don't need an appointment. She ends up taking Nish with her to be seen as well. Apparently both girls have a nasty viral infection and Nish is out of school until Friday. Both girls have prescriptions and are told to push fluids and get plenty of rest.

These poor girls! I hate it when kids are sick. They are clingy and in the "I need my mama" stage. Poor pathetic lil things! I just want to sit and coddle them all day, but I've got things I've got to get done (LOL @ my to-do list earlier in the week that I'm still trying to get done two days later). I tried to quarantine Nish to her room, but that doesn't work so well. She's at my ankles needing a hug and back rubs that of course, only mama can do right. I know I'm a big baby when I'm sick and I just want to be comforted. LOML takes such good care of me... I'm so blessed!

Today, Baby K is feeling a little better, but still so snotty and congested that she can't sleep unless she's at an incline. I hate letting her sleep in her carseat, but that's the only place I can put her where she'll be able to breathe and get some real rest. Nish says that her throat is opening up a bit after starting her Z-pack and some Robitussin AC. Booger sucking Baby K is definitely not fun, but she actually sits still for me to do it, and oddly enough laughs. I think it tickles her throat or something. I can't help but laugh at her. The only way to get her to sleep the last couple of days is hold her on my chest until she passes out. She leaves a lovely snot blob on my t-shirt every time.

So far today no one is running a fever and Baby K is sleeping soundly. Nish is catching up on American Idol and I think I might have a few minutes of peace and quiet to get some of my seedlings in their new condos. Lil K helped make some paper bag condos before she was sent to take her nap too. She got a kick out of that. Can't wait until we can actually get some of this in the garden; she'll really have a blast outside.

Hopefully my sicklings will feel better this afternoon and we will be able to enjoy this sunshiny, beautiful day!

LOML and I have BIG plans tonight. I'm going to make some heart healthy spaghetti (turkey and wheat pasta) and we are going to sit in front of the boob tube and watch some Sopranos. We are almost finished with the entire set! He's already seen them all, but I am completely addicted!

Welp, off to do some indoor gardening while I have the chance!

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