Friday, March 27, 2009

I Figured out my "Bear"

I've been talking with my sister, who is much more atune to the planetary involvement in my life than I (yes, I have had charts drawn up and do think if the atmosphere can control the tides of seas, it certainly has a bearing on my being as well), about my bear sightings as of late. It's a weird feeling to stand back from yourself and take a gander at what has been going on. And hard to do. So I call my sissy to help me figure things out and to get another perspective. She knows me so well and thinks outside the box.

Anyhoo - We had a fiascal (yeah, that's right, fiascal is really a word in the dictionary of my head) Wednesday night. Our 15 y/o has a friend who has been talking about running away. I guess she deemed last night to be "the night". She made claims of being hit at home by a drunken parent, a step-parent who works at some unknown bar who leaves for work at 4:30 in the morning and doesn't come home until the wee hours of the night, a bio mom in another state that she is at odds with, and no other local family to turn to. Ok... I smell lies. Regardless, there is a teenager at my door in the middle of the night with her bags packed and obviously in distress, not to mention a nice little red mark on her face showing the alleged assault.

Without getting into too much detail here, Andy and I decided we would be the "safe house" for ONE NIGHT only, but the next morning she would have to let her father know where she was. Half of me didn't even want to go that far and I figured her father or the police would be at my door before sun-up looking for her. At this point I thought her father knew where we lived, since this kid is at my house EVERY single school day from the time she gets out of school until about 5 pm, but I later learned she kept that a secret from her dad (imagine that!).

We made it through the night without the police or her father. Andy took the girls to school like normal and then called the principal to give her heads up. I know the principal personally and love her to pieces. She has kept a watchful eye out on my kid since she has been in that school and couldn't be more grateful.

We did our part and informed the school who then had to proceed with their legal obligations of notifying the father, the police and of course CPS b/c of the alleged abuse. All we had to go on was the words of this kid, whether we believed them or not, we had to get folks involved. Turns out this kid really needs some serious counseling. Her father reported her missing to the police that night, but there wasn't much that could be done... and from what I've learned, this isn't the first episode for this child.

We learned so much about this whole ordeal from a source who will remain a mystery, but a source I totally trust, and I've come to the conclusion that whether the allegations are true or not, this child needs help. She is crying out for something and the road ahead will be a long one, for both she and her parents, if she doesn't learn how to cope and deal with whatever is eating at her.

Point of this whole story is... she was my bear. The interpretation of my dream is this: The gun that I couldn't reload in the dream represented the extend of the help I could offer. I threw up my hands that night and told Andy I didn't know how to handle this... so I stayed in bed while he let the girl in and talked to her about the situation. I let the bear near him. The bear nearly attacking Andy was a sign that there was something coming that neigher one of us would be able to handle alone and we would have to call for some help. Before I even realized she was my bear, the minute we talked to the school principal, I felt an emormous load lifted from my shoulders, and so did Andy.

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