Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!


"Dreams are illusions... from the book your soul is writing about you." Martha Norman

So the other night I had a dream that a bear was chasing Andy. He was trying to distract the bear from me so that I could shoot it. Sounds easy enough. Well, from all my hours playing Hunting Unlimited 2009 (complete addict) I knew that if I hit the bear in the forehead, the bullet would slide right off the top of his head and wouldn't kill him. So I had to choose my shot carefully. Well, this wasn't a game and I was frantic! And to top it off, I only had a shotgun. TWO bullets. I aimed, shot, missed. Aimed, shot, hit the bear, but didn't stop him.

Here's where panic overtook me. The bear is coming straight for Andy and I didn't know how to reload the gun. I don't even know if I had more ammo, all I knew was reloading wasn't a task I'd ever been shown. I was going to watch the love of my life be eaten by an angry black bear!

Usually, I have the ability, while still sleeping, to stop the dream, rewind the scene and direct it the way I want it to go. Tonight was different. I couldn't redirect the bear. The same scene just played over and over again and I woke up in a cold sweat, heart beating outside of my chest and body trembling. I was almost in tears as I reached out for Andy to make sure he was still there.


So the next morning I remembered the dream and told Andy what had happened. He was appalled that I would let him get torn to shreds by a bear. He thought it was funny at first, but quickly changed his mind. I couldn't help it. I did manage to stop the dream before he was eaten alive, thus it has no ending. And I couldn't find the clear meaning of the dream. For the life of me I couldn't put that dream into perspective. Other than the fact that he needs to make sure I know how to use and LOAD a damn gun. We have guns in the house. For arguments sake, lets say an intruder comes in while he's gone away to some hunting or fishing trip and I'm alone with the kids. What the hell am I going to do to save my family? I believe I'd blow a robbers head off if I felt there was danger, but HOW with no BULLETS???

Anyway... the following week Manny, the 3-year-old, wakes up at 6 a.m. and crawls in bed with us. "Daddy, I'm scared".

"Why son?"

"The dinosaurs are going to get me."

"Don't be scared son, I'll kill the dinosaurs," as he squeezes him in closer, protecting Manny. We all snuggle up together, covers pulled up close to our faces.

Shortly after, we all get up and Manny heads to the hall bathroom while Andy is getting our girls up.

"Dad... watch out for the bear!" Manny hollers from the bathroom.

Needless to say, I'm a little freaked out but I don't say anything. How did Manny know about the bear? Hmmm. Something is off kilter. A threatening feeling, but I'm not sure what it's about.

I honestly believe that our subconscious mind tries to warn us about certain things. It tries to protect us from events or situations that we might have otherwise avoided, or it uses dreams to make us aware of something that is or could be coming our way.

Manny and I are apparently incahoots on something... I just wish I knew more.

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