Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Toilet Paper Nazi

I'd just like to know... for real... am I the only one in this house who knows:
Where we keep the toilet paper?

How to get a new roll on the fancy little toilet paper holder?

How to rinse off dishes with the oh-so difficult to use faucet?

What all the intricate buttons on the dishwasher mean? "Start" being the hardest one to figure out I guess.

When the trash can is full, that the bag full of nastiness can be transferred out to the polly cart in about 15 steps?

Exactly where the new trash bags are kept?

How many items can fit in the washing machine without it making a CLANK CLANK THUD noice b/c it can't spin properly?

That bras should not go in the dryer?

That the entertainment center is for entertainment, not a catch-all for homework, books, keys, mail, trash and receipts?

The tool box is where we keep the tape measure, screwdrivers and hammer... not in the place where we last used them?

To make the vaccum cleaner work, all you need to do is plug it in and push?

And the fancy thing about the broom is, you don't even have to plug it in?

The toybox is where the toys go, not under the couch, under the playpen, under the dining room table and on top of the damn entertainment center?

That sanded and beautifully refinished desk, efforts of Andy, in the teen/tween room is actually for homework?

An after school snack does not consist of 35 pizza pockets and some tater tots smothered with catsup and ranch dressing?

If you trip 15 times over your tennis shoes sitting in the middle of the livingroom floor, that's actually a signal to put them where they belong instead of grunting and moving them over a few inches?

When I say I need to see your bedroom floor before you go to bed tonight doesn't mean swoop all the clothes into a pile behind the door and hope they find their own way to the washing machine?

Seriously... am I the only one who knows these things?


Lana said...

Yes. I'm sorry to say. You ARE the only one to know these things. As am I. Lets be roommates. We can argue over who "gets" to do these things! HAHAHA

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Somebody besides my wife Sweetie is wondering about these things? I have never quite figured any of them out.
I have never figured out why I should learn all this stuff since she does it now.
btw - Thanks for visiting my blog.