Friday, April 3, 2009

Come out, come out, wherever you are....

I'm in the kitchen this morning scrounging around for something to snack on while I work (bahahaha, I'm actually stalking blogs and commenting). I have my Pepsi that the mom of the kids who I babysit was kind enough to surprise me with this morning WOOHOO! Now I needed a snack. I don't do real breakfast, except on the weekends, because that will just put me in a coma and I'll sleep right through the morning and not get any work (blogging) done.

I went grocery shopping the other day and accidentally bought a few things that we didn't need... I justify this by claiming everything was on sale and even if we didn't need it, you can never have too much. Andy thinks I'm nuts and preparing for WW3 or really concerned about the recession. I think like this... he gets paid once a month... when I work (lol) I get paid every two weeks... when we are nearing the end of the month and I need pasta to fix our family Pennsagna recipe and the bank laughs at me, all I have to do is open up the pasta drawer and voila! Dinner will be as scheduled.

Looking for my snackies this morning, I open cabinet #1:

Seriously... who needs 5 bottles of salad dressing?

Then cabinet #2:

Now I know you can't see all of what's in there... but check this. Somehow I managed to rack up 5 jars of peanut butter, 2 bottls of syrup, 4 jars of Miracle Whip (including one jar of Light Miracle Whip in the back that nobody will touch), 2 bottls of squeezable grape jelly, 2 bottles of catsup and I can't see if there is anything behind that.

Nothing I can immediately shove into my mouth...

Moving along to cabinet #3:

Here we have 3 bottles of apple juice, 4 boxes of 10-pack juice packs, 3 jars of sweet relish and 1 bottle of mustard.

Again, nothing that I'm looking for.

Off to cabinet #4:

This is actually a drawer... a drawer filled with nothing but wheat pasta. There are 4 boxes of Rotini, 1 box of Penne, 2 boxes of Lasagna and 6 boxes of thin Spaghetti. We like pasta! LOL

Nothing that will give me my fix as of yet...

Next cabinet, #5:

You can't really see how much is in there, but this is twice as deep as the picture shows. Every thing from canned veggies, every canned tomato product known to man, soups and broths, I don't even know how many tuna cans (I love tuna and crackers).

Still nothing to help me out. What the crap man! There has got to be something in this flippin house to snack on! And that was only half of the cabinets... all neatly arranged with the lables facing forward... Ahh the joys of kitchen-OCD. But where are my dang snackies!!!

And just then I remembered! JACKPOT!

I have a secret hidey hole for my snack crackers... with 4 kids it's hard to call "dibs" on your favorite snackies, so I just hide them. I've bought the nastiest looking crackers, the wheat kind with absolutely no flavor thinking the kids wouldn't like them. Pffft, they snarf them down just like Doritos. I buy them their own boxes of fruty snacks so they leave my stuff along, but to no avail. Apparently nasty wheat original flavored wheat thins are better than Dora the Explorer fruity snacks! So in the quad room (the garage that's been remodeled and turned into the laundry room/den/office/dart room) I have some built in cabinets over my desk filled with paint and junk for the house. This is the one place the kids would never look, especially for food... so I've hidden my Cheez-Its and Triscuits there.

Life is wonderful again... what more could I ask for than my 32 oz Big Gulp of Pepsi and Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits...Ahhhh!

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Lana said...

You would get along famously with my mother. 6 jars of this, 8 boxes of that. I tell her she'd be well prepared in the event of a natural disaster, but we don't get anything like that around here!