Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday's Daily Dilly Dally...and Maalox

First of all, thank you for the "Compose" button clue. Really, I swear I'm not an eeeediot. I created an intranet site for a company I worked for, but that was all raw HTML code and I feel useless if I just have to click the mouse.

  • Something I did last night: Managed to somehow get my 100 pages read, two 1-page papers written for class, and even participated in the class discussions on the Holocaust. Wonderful Andy doesn't think I participate in class (because he swears I hate people) but I really did last night. I talked like I knew what I was talking about... nevermind the odd glances in my direction or the "what planet is she from" stares.

  • Something I learned today: The kids showed up this morning with less butt issues and I learned a neat trick. Maalox (check out my new use of colors!) cuts the acid in pee-pee, so it makes it less painful to change the diaper of a kid with super-red-butt. However, there are no handy tricks to make sure the Maalox doesn't get all over the couch when you try to pour it on the butt-paste... but I guess I'd rather have a mint flavored couch than a screaming kid and end up elbow deep in butt-paste again.
(check out my use of bullets! YAY, go winda-licker! Ok, I'm over it.)

Something that pissed me off so far today:
I get an email from my boss. Yeah, that's right... I work at home and I have a boss. Apparently, in my bliss of thinking I don't really have a job (outside the home of course) I've been slacking on my actual check-I-get-every-two-weeks job and decided blogging was much more fun. I mean really, how boring is it to type about snotty nosed kids going to the ER b/c their parents don't have a PCP or insurance for that matter. Or typing about every chest pain in the State of Oklahoma that turns out to be the japaleno peppers wrapped in bacon and filled with cream cheese from the BBQ the day before. Or typing about the dummies who saw half of their hands off while reaching for that wire they ran over moments before under the RUNNING lawnmower. And I can't leave out the cat fights at the bar where one broad gets pissed off because her "honey" is buying shots for some tootsie roll in a too tight mini skirt and tank top that's trying to disguise her "muffin top" (yanno, that fat roll the bulges out of the top of jeans... looks like a muffin top dontcha think?)

Anywayyyy... jeeze I can't stay on target for the life of me!

So I get this email telling me I better shape up and do at least my daily requirements or they want their "equipment back"... and by "equipment" I mean the computer that I'm typing on right this second. Pfffffft! I'm not giving up my computer. Nevermind the fact that I have another desktop and a laptop in the house, and my school will be issuing me another laptop (included in my tuition) in the next few months. No way... no how.... am I giving up this PC.

Who does she think she is? Telling me I need to actually "work" in order to claim having a job! I have worked for this company for 15 years and my boss is like a surrogate mom to me. I've worked in the office, I've worked at home. Sometimes I'm a super-producer and bringing in the big bucks, and sometimes I like to take it easy and pretend like I don't have a job. I like the option of not working when I don't want to. Some days the blogs I read can keep me busy (between chasing the two kids around during the day yanno... I don't just ignore them... all of the time) for at most of the day. And if they are particularly funny or hit home for me, I can be knee deep in blogs by 10am. Then there are the blog rolls that I must check out, especially if they have catchy titles! I've got to at least just glance at the blog, only then will I know if I really want to stalk them. Not to mention, I've got to take a peek at my MySpace and see if my brother put anymore pics up and stalk my local friends, friends from high school, bar friends, and check up on my kid's MySpace(it's the right thing to do... snoop on your kids). THEN... I have to check my daily gardening blogs and forums for any new growth, take pictures of my garden-in-the-kitchen-that-has-started-blooming-and-can't-wait-to-be-move-outside so I can post them for the world to see. And FINALLY, I have to check my school website to see if my instructor graded my last paper yet, if my "Discrete Math" grade is posted yet... etc.

I have a LOT to do before I can work ya'll!

So this morning, while I'm preparing for work, I'm thinking of all the other things I need to get done around here and somehow end up on damn blogpost again. How.Does.That.Happen!

In my defense, I do have until the 10th to reply to her email.

And finally, something I'm going to gloat about: I missed class last week because I was totally unprepared for class and lost my book my kid was sick so I emailed my 5-page paper on The Night. I was very anxious about this paper because not only did I write it an hour before it was due, I was submitting to my instructor who is also a published author and screenplay writer. Sooo, for a week I was waiting and waiting, checking my email 2398407234 times a day for a response. Finally, yesterday I checked before I went to class and he responded:
I have graded your paper and I will not be submitting a printed copy with corrections... because there was absolutely nothing wrong with your paper. You are a tallented writer. A+!

Woo hoo! Go Okie girl! (Did you also notice my use of "block quote" feature? Huh? Huh? Did ya? I'm gonna be an expertive blogger before long I tell ya!)

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