Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So I was grouchy earlier! Big deal! But I LOVE ME again! I've been so productive today... things are getting done, phone calls are getting made, the roofers are almost gone and the babies are being good. Could also have something to do with the four cups of coffee I've had so far this morning too! Either way, I'm going to take pleasure in my small glories so far today.

I LOVE me because:
  • Not only have I mopped the wood floors, but I have watered all my indoor seedlings, and let me tell you there are a ton! Can't wait to get them outside in their proper veggie beds.
  • I've talked to the roofer man to remind him to use that fancy magnetic thingy to look for nails... I don't like people and starting a conversation with strangers isn't my cup of tea... and acting like a bully and bossing him around isn't fun either... but I did it! I reminded him I have small children and I would be calling him on the way to the ER for payment information if one of my babies gets jabbed in the foot by a nail.
  • I have called the power company to tell them I'm a complete moron and I didn't sign the check I mailed last week and also to get the new acct number accessible online. Turns out I already activated it and forgot my user name lol.
  • I have called the phone company to establish an actual land line here. Since my last cell phone bill was nearly $200 I figured yet another bill would be justified. It's really not my fault. Andy calls me every day at lunch and I look forward to that time... we google and talk... it's "our" time. And then of course I have to talk to my sissy at least every other day. It's a must!
  • I have loaded the dishwasher and started it! I usually save that chore for the teen spawn, but I figured I'd get it done while I was meandering through the kitchen looking for a snacky.
  • I rock! Plain and simple. We all have good days and better days, the object is to keep the bad days at bay. We can do that by remembering every single day of our lives.... WE ROCK!
I love him because:
  • He gives me all the love and support a girl could ask for!
  • He has somehow managed to turn this trailer trash, divorce', single mama into a Holly-homemaker/school girl/work at home mommy who once again LOVES LIFE!
  • He loves me when I'm fat and bloated, when I'm ugly and my hair looks like I haven't put a comb through it in weeks, when I have morning breath and still need my kiss to function, when I am grouchy and PMSing, when I'm needy and PMSing, when I'm sarcastic and even when Aunt Flow rears her ugly head. He knows all my flaws and loves me in spite of them.
  • He completes me...
I love these guys because:
  • Who else could be a better 15 y/o than Nisha? She's gone through a lot in her precious 15 years on this planet and is the most empathetic, loving child in spite of it all. Granted she's a typical teen with typical dumb dumb teen ideas and occasional detention from school, but she's MY dumb dumb and I love her.
  • Who could be a better 10 y/o girl than DD... with her beautiful brown eyes and her love for her siblings? She's an incredible kid with an incredible imagination, not to mention, she brought home 6 A's and 3 B's on her report card! Go DD Go!
  • What more could you ask for than a 4 y/o with a bright personality, long golden hair, hypnotic blue eyes and a killer smile? Baby Love definitely takes the cake in this house with personality! She's always saying something funny like "Give me my Star Whores hat Monkey Boy!" when Monkey Boy won't give up her Star Wars snow hat or "Ohhhh pickles!" instead of "Oopsie" like most kids say.
  • And the boy... the 3 y/o boy... who I have lovingly named Monkey Boy. He's always running, jumping or climbing on something, and let me tell you, if he wants on top of the entertainment center he WILL get there. He's the only boy in the house, other than daddy, and you've got to love him for that!

I love Big K and Baby K because:

  • My day would be so humdrum without them pulling on my pants leg all day long
  • Because when I see them smile when they come through the door I know they love me
  • I love the smell of Baby K.... babies smell so yummy!
  • Big K is learning new things every day and I get to be a part of it

I love my small town because:

  • Where else can you find a BBQ at an Animal Hospital on any given Saturday? Seriously... the first shot is of the front of the building, and over to the left, at the Emergency Entrance to the Yukon Animal Hospital... they have a smoker fired up and are ready to cook...but WHAT TYPE OF ANIMAL may I ask are they cooking? Odd... to say the least.


Baloney said...

So they corner the market on small barbequed animals? Yum.

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm a little bit concerned about that animal hospital and the smoker combo. Loved looking at those pics!