Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So I got a facelift...

Whatcha think? I did it all by myself! I'm so proud of me. I need to get my buttons back on there, but then I'm all done. Go me! Thanks for the suggestions... I guess I just needed to blog about my blog dreams so I would be pressured into making them come true lol.

  • Right now... I'm listening to the roofers hammer away during naptime no less, and the boombox with some Mexican station blaring on my roof has got to be lovely for my neighbors. At first I was grouchy about it, but while I was in the kitchen, I found myself dancing. Alone.
  • Right now... I've got banana nut bread in the oven. I'm not sure why. Hair up my butt about what to do with those bananas that have been sitting on the counter for four days probably. We have Andy's kids tonight so it will be a nice treat. Except... I suck at baking. I screw it up every time. I burn the bread for dinner on a constant basis. I'm not sure why I try to out-do Andy in the baking arena.... Afterall, he IS the male version of Martha Stewart.
  • Right now... I'm tapping my feet to the radio station that is clearly not in English, but how can I not when the boombox appears to be directly over my head.
  • Right now... I should be doing these damn wooden floors while the kids are asleep, but this is much more fun.
  • Right now... I'm avoiding work at all costs.
  • Right now... I'm thinking I might go buy a new grill after Andy gets home from work. Avocado burgers will be SO yum tonight on a perfectly new grill.
  • Right now... I'm going to check on the bread in the oven. It smells so flippin YUM!

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Lana said...

Your blog looks great! good job!