Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday


Here we are again, another Tuesday... join in at The UnMom for more Random Tuesday Thoughts!

I didn't post yesterday because I was knee deep in snot and homework.

I'm all hyped up on Mucinex, Sudafed and Pepsi. No coffee squirts this morning, but geeze, how much snot do I have to cough up before my lungs no longer feel like bowling balls???

One of my favorite bloggy friends, Lana, at The Kids Did WHAT?! tagged me for "8 Things" and broke my tag cherry. I couldn't be more proud. Go check out her blog, she's hilarious! (I promise Lana, I'll post on that one later today)

I found my new May edition of Better Homes and Gardens in the bathroom this weekend. When I asked WHY I hadn't even seen the magazine yet, my lovely Andy admitted he was reading it. Go Martha!

The supper menu for this weekend went exacty as planned! Too excited about that. I don't have pictures of anything except Friday night...

They turned out really well, tasted super yum and the kids all helped. We made a ton of them!

The Holocaust class is over and WHEW! I made it! I had to do TWO oral presentations last night in class and I just knew something bad was going to happen, especially considering my fear of speaking in front of people. Luckily though, I didn't fall down, trip over a hair in the carpet on the way to the podium, or pass out from anxiety. I think I made an A in that class YIPPEE!

Andy stayed home from work yesterday b/c I've been battling this stupid URI and had the babies to take care of during the day, along with my homework that I've been putting off for a week. I love him so much! He played hookie for me!

We also finished marking off the garden beds yesterday and I got some of my stuff transplanted. Looks like a real garden now!

Our friend Chris and his wife Blair were over for Sunday dinner. It was really good spending time with them, and they didn't even make THAT much fun of me for making my own salsa... and canning it lol. In fact, I sent a jar home with them. It made me feel super good that Chris and Andy were joking about sending Blair over to me for a week so I could train her lol. Apparently, she isn't really domesticated. In fact, we sent Chris home with a huge container of leftovers from the enchiladas and bbq beef biscuit basket things so he would have something for lunch at work the following week. He has been working out of town lately and only comes home about once a week and the weekends. I don't think he was too excited about another week of Hungry Man dinners.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.... it feels SO good not being shacked up with a married man! Thank God that divorce is finally OVERRRRR!

Sims 3 comes out in June! My girl Julie (who is just as addicted as I am, maybe even moreso) and I have decided to go halvsies on it and share. This one is supposed to have way more cool stuff to build the houses with and many more attitudes on the Sims characters.

Wednesday night I have class again. What the hell man! Who goes to school TWO nights a week? Pffft! This starts the 5-week session for Intro to Fine Arts. Can I just say that I'm not looking forward to studying statues of naked dudes posing all fancy with their dongs hanging out. Really... what am I supposed to get from this class?

The 15 y/o was a total butthead this morning and even told Andy on her way to school that he needed to "put mama in check". Ex-ca-use me! Just wait til that little brat comes home from school and I chase her down the street with a wooden spoon. Who's gonna be put in check then!?!?! Huh! Huh!

I was really looking forward to my sissy coming to visit at the end of May, until today, when I realized my house is a pit, I haven't finished unpacking from when we moved into this house in January, my garage is a mess, the livingroom isn't decorated yet, and I'll have to get EVERYTHING done before she shows up. Normally, I would just leave it alone and she would Feng-Shui my whole house for me, cuz she's a control freak and I'm just lazy, but she'll be accompanied by her Dick and we won't have the time. Bleh!

Ok, I'm over it. I've got to get some work done and apparently, the screaming kids in the other room need some attention.


Grand Pooba said...

Dude, get better! And definately just wait until your sister comes so that she will clean your house for you. Why not?

Good luck with the screaming kids!

sherri said...

Get well soon- I've been sick too and YUCK!

Good luck with the screaming kids. I miss my being young...but not the screaming!

Cara said...

Get better soon! Someone in our house has been sick since November. I'm over it.

I'd totally let your sister decorate for you. We just moved & I'm not doing a darn thing until Doctor's awesome aunt can come down & go shopping with me :)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

a little bit of this a little bit of that - good random post