Monday, April 6, 2009

I Want to Be Pretty Too!!!

I want a pretty page for my blog and pretty pics of my kids and my Andy and pretty sayings and my own button and all that stuff too!

I want a fancy layout with dragonflies and cool stuff too! I figured it can't be any harder than MySpace, but jeeze man, I'm looking and I just can't find what I want. And I don't have the fancy programs to make a pretty one myself, nor do I have the gumption or a creative bone in my body to come up with anything all fancy either.

I figured out how to put buttons on my page, but where do I go to make a button? Who is the genius behind all of these buttons! I.Must.Have.One!

I want to be able to change the color of my text as I see fit WHILE I'm blogging, instead of just having the the stupid bold and italic options that I see in the window.

I want to be able to make indented, number lists and use strikethrough because I think that's the coolest thing ever!

I want to be able to put my writing next to my picture instead of my picture and writing only above or below it!

Thanks to Ruggy and her gracious offer of blog-IQ for dummies, I can now do links.

But I wanna learn all that other fancy stuff too dang it! I'm like the short bus rider here. I'm the resident winda-licker and I wanna be one of the cool kids with pretty blogs.

I have a real following here... a whopping 7 folks who stop their lives to read my antics... I need for it to be PRETTY!


Jen said...

I hope you get everything that you are looking for.

Lana said...

buttons I can't help you with. Backgrounds you can check out "The cutest blog on the block". Just type that into google and it will come up. They have a ton of free backgrounds. Tonnes!! Coloured words: in the box where you post from there is the "edit" format and right beside is "compose" format. click on compose and at the top will be a colour box. highlight whatever word you want cloured and then click on a colour in the box. (that's for individual words) In the edit format you'll just see all the html codes for it, while in compose it will show how it looks on your blog. (minus your background of course)

I hope that helps a bit. if you need it explained better, you can email if you need. :)

Impulsive Addict said...

Ok. It's official. You.are.freakin'.funny! I saw you are a new follower on my page (thank you!!) and I love new friends so I came to check YOU out and I love you in a non-sexual way. And I also love fellow Okies!

The poop stories had me laughing out loud...not LOL just in my head. GENIOUS!