Friday, April 17, 2009

High Five Friday: Five Random Thoughts

Here's my morning routine. I get everyone shoo'd out of the house to work and school. Then I duck down in the office to read some blogs and log in to work. The babies show up and I turn on Dora, praying they will fall back to sleep, duck back down into the office to ignore work and read more blogs. Babies scream and need attention, so I stop my ever-so-important blog reading to tend to the needy little creatures. And finally, when they are situated again, I duck back down in the office to again ignore work and post my daily after I've read more than enough.

So here's my Friday High Five (if I was really cool I'd get one of those fancy schmancy button thingies to post here, but I digress, because I'm a blog-tard).

The divorce is done! Yippee! I'm no longer shacked up with a married man. He keeps saying he's "a single man", but we'll see what tune he sings next time he wants to Woo-Hoo (I'm a pathetic Sims addict, I know). Pffft! He went to the courthouse yesterday, met up with lovely ex-wife, signed the papers, went before the judge and VIOLA it was over. Amazingly simple. I've heard so many horror stories about divorces, but when adults act like adults, it's amazing what can be accomplished.

Why is it that when I take a pen out of the handy dandy pen cup on my desk and it doesn't work, I just shove it right back in the cup. Is it secretly going to produce some ink by the next time I reach for it?

Let me introduce you to Mike. He works with Andy. At one time he was seeing two ladies and asked my precious Andy for advise. Ha! He can barely handle me, let alone TWO! So Mike always praises Andy and I for our relationship and thinks Andy is the luckiest man in the world to have a hot plate and coffee sent with him to work every day. I, being the nice *cough* thoughtful *cough* lady that I am, sometimes send extra food with Andy so he can share. Nothing beats homecooked meals, and Mike appreciated it. Well... this all came to a screeching halt as of yesterday. Stupid Mike and his stupid man-power decided it would be funny to invite all of the single ladies in the office over to Andy to try and grope him prior to his leaving for the attorney's office for the divorce. He lured them with saying something about how Andy will be a bachelor when he gets back, so they better get their claws in now... and by the way Andy, tell Denise I'm just kidding. Pfffffffft! I told Andy to mention to Mike that I know how to use Ex-Lax and he should be cautious eating anything I send for lunch. Jackass!

Speaking of Ex-Lax... is coffee a natural poop-enhancer or what? How come after I drink just one cup in the morning, I'm running to the bathroom? Gross huh? Feel my pain. I LOVE the smell of coffee, and I'll take a frap any day of the week, but for some reason hot coffee gives me the squirts. We're just that close. Figured I could share. Your welcome.

And finally, I'm all too excited that Andy has found a little old lady at work who used to can veggies and the likes and has TWO pressure canners. I told him to make out with her and get me one of those canners. I'd even send over some of my applesauce that I canned last week to help seal the deal.

I hope you all enjoy your Friday!


Ruggy13 said...

yay for the divorced man! i think you are so right... when adults act like adults things take a lot less time. People who complain about everything usually have no one to blame but themselves! have an amazing weekend and maybe you can clean out your pen cup?! lol i do the same thing

♥georgie♥ said...

okay I know what ya mean about coffee...and thats all i am sayin lol

why have I not been here before? or have I? you are Hysterical!

Grand Pooba said...

Congrats on your..uh..I means his divorce! So how does it feel not to be dating a married man?

Coffee makes me go pee every 5 seconds and my pee smells like my mocha latte.

Bon Don said...

congrats on the divorce!! now let's get him remarried!